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Information regarding the types of data imports supported by Power BI as well as information regarding Power BI's semantic model (formerly called datasets)
Details regarding email applications and iOS/Android versions that Duo supports.
What does ITS charge for hardware diagnostic/repairs?
Link to Microsoft Teams' support website.
Information on university-supported software.
Microsoft Teams troubleshooting steps.
Information on reporting an issue with a university printer, ComDoc contact information, hours, etc.
Information on where to find extensive Zoom self-help and support articles.
An explanation of BGLinux
Information regarding the support of Google Classroom/Google Accounts.
Information on where to find extensive SharePoint self-help and support articles.
Breakdown of ITS support provided for BGSU classrooms and conference rooms.
Information on the software support services offered for personal computers.
Information regarding email applications supported by ITS.
Qualtrics contact and support information.