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Instructions for finding Canvas guides and requesting Canvas training.
Instructions for viewing statistic reports for quizzes in Canvas New Quizzes.
How to view a student's quiz results in Canvas New Quizzes.
Instructions for view information like Student Attempt, Score, Time, Log, and if you have added Accommodations in Canvas New Quizzes.
Information on Canvas New Quizzes and Classic Quizzes.
Steps to give a student a unique or special due date in Canvas.
Instructure Canvas guide on how to provide more time for quizzes for a particular student(s).
Use this article to download and install the Respondus Lockdown Browser.
Restricting access to Canvas quizzes based on location.
Instructions for creating an assessment in Canvas New Quizzes.
Overview of the Canvas New Quizzes feature.
Instructions for restricting a Canvas quiz based on location.
Instructions for randomizing questions & answers in Canvas.
Instructions for creating an item bank in Canvas New Quizzes.
How to migrate a classic Canvas quiz to Canvas New Quizzes.