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Helpful information about the Cisco 9951 IP phone.
Information on making changes to student Telephone Directory data.
Information regarding blocking phone numbers on a University telephone..
Instructions for requesting a change to a BGSU telephone display name or voicemail.
Telephone directory information.
Instructions for disabling video on a BGSU telephone.
Information regarding university telephone display settings.
Instructions for accessing your BGSU office voicemail while away from campus.
Costs for BGSU telephone equipment and services
Install Jabber on your personal device to receive University phone calls and chats
Information about softphones and their use at BGSU.
How to request telephone service be set up in BGSU residence hall rooms
Using a telephone to communicate via Webex
Instructions for faculty/staff who wish to use their university device to make calls from their BGSU phone extension via Jabber.
Information on the various BGSU telephone options.