What is Cisco Jabber (Softphone)?


What is Cisco Jabber?


Cisco Jabber is a university-supported instant messaging and softphone application that allows faculty and staff to communicate with one another, both on and off-campus. The Jabber tool integrates with your University telephone and syncs with Outlook calendars, offering notifications, click-to-call capabilities, and a directory of campus users.

Watch our Cisco Jabber video tutorials. 

Cisco Jabber instant message technology is available to allow for efficient communication and collaboration between employees at BGSU.  Instant message technology is not conducive for use in formal workflow of business processes and decisions. ITS recommends the following:

  • Decisions and actions arrived at via instant message communications should be documented through the appropriate system of record. 
  • ANY communication has the potential to produce an official record. Please be advised that users of Jabber are responsible for identifying what constitutes a record. 
  • Jabber communications are not retained centrally by Information Technology Services (ITS). If the user requires that communications be retained for future reference, they must follow the process documented here.

*Please note: Jabber instant message history between users is available for the previous 99 messages sent/received and are stored on the user’s computer. Timely archiving is recommended.

Cisco Jabber 911 Usage Warning

For additional assistance, please contact Information  Technology Services at 419-372-0999 or through chat.


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