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Instructions for accessing and viewing reports/dashboards/workspaces in Power BI.
Try this solution if you are prompted with a login screen when accessing Student Center
Instructions for logging in to Adobe Sign.
Information about the fall 2024 Classroom Computer Login Method pilot.
Instructions for accessing the Microsoft Teams web application.
Instructions for accessing the OnBase application.
Fix for users trying to access MS Teams via Canvas and are stuck in a login loop.
Instructions for accessing and signing into your BGSU Zoom account via website or locally installed application.
A list of programs that can be used to log into your account
Instructions to complete common tasks with CrashPlan.
Troubleshooting steps for users unable to log in to their My Library Account.
Instructions for syncing your device login password with your new BGSU password while off-campus.
Issue resolution for failed logout of Canvas with error: "Failed to log in: There was a failure logging out at your IdP"
Information on creating a new BGSU account.
How to log in to Canvas.