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Details regarding email applications and iOS/Android versions that Duo supports.
Information on how to change/update/reset your BGSU password.
Information about Okta, BGSU's identity management tool.
How-to information for managing proxy accounts (as a student).
Information on signing/approving Adobe Sign documents, signature types, updating your Adobe Sign signature and additional FAQs.
BGSU voicemail to email information on the following topics: what is it, opting out, enabling, departmental access, non-BSGU access, etc.
INformation on what to do if a compromised account is used to access a third-party application.
Troubleshooting steps for users unable to log in to their My Library Account.
General troubleshooting information for Access BGSU proxies.
Instructions for creating a proxy account for Access BGSU.
Opening a shared office account
Information on shared email/calendar account owners.
Information regarding HIPAA-compliant Zoom accounts/meetings.
How to add or edit Direct Deposit information
Information on creating a new BGSU account.