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Instructions for connecting your personal Windows computer to the eduroam network at BGSU
Explanation of why Windows 7 university-owned machines are not permitted on the BGSU network.
Instructions for syncing your device login password with your new BGSU password while off-campus.
This guide will help you obtain your Windows 10 license (students only) and how to activate it using a Mac machine.
The article can be used to add BGSU email to Outlook on a Windows Machine.
Step-by-step guide for remotely accessing your office computer using a Windows computer
Instructions for installing the Falcon Print printer driver on a Windows office device.
A list of things to remember after updating your BGSU password
Step-by-step instructions for adding the Mobility Print driver to your personal Windows machine
Instructions for changing the default PDF program on a Windows 10 device.
The guide will show you how to run programs using local administrative rights.
Instructions for installing Jabber on a Windows office device.
Steps for logging in to CrashPlan Pro/Code42 on a Windows or Mac device.
Instructions for connecting to your home WiFi network on your University-owned Windows device.
Self-help guide for setting a default browser on a Windows device.