Can Students Use Cisco Jabber (Softphone)?


Can students use Jabber?


Student employees may use Cisco Jabber for their job functions.  Review the information below to determine the access needed for a student employee. There is no functional difference between student employees and standard employees in Jabber. The same requirements apply to all users of Jabber.

Jabber Chat-Only (no calling capabilities)

Student employees may use Jabber for instant messaging. There is no cost for this option, and student employee access can be requested by their supervisor. A virtual/private number that is used internally by the phone systems will be assigned to the student employee as part of the setup of a Jabber Chat-Only configuration. To request this service submit a New Phone Service Request Form and select the Other option for Type of Phone and note you are requesting Jabber Chat-Only.

Jabber for Chat & Phone Calls

Student employees may use Jabber for full phone capabilities. The same use policy applies to all phone users,  whether the phone is a desk phone or softphone, and is available on-campus or remote via VPN.

All phone service requests that involve billing must be placed by an approved person for that department's budget. Submit a New Phone Service Request and select the Softphone Only to request Jabber with chat and phone capabilities for a student employee.


If Cisco Jabber is not currently installed on the student employee's computer:

  • Windows Devices - Download Cisco Jabber from the Windows Software Center. Use this guide for instructions on how to download programs from Software Center.
  • Mac Devices - Submit an Contact ITS to remotely install. 

Cisco Jabber 911 Usage Warning

For additional assistance, please contact Information Technology Services at 419-372-0999 or through chat.


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