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Information regarding the types of devices NOT permitted on the BGSU network.
Instructions for troubleshooting eduroam connection with "no internet"
Instructions for connecting your Apple mobile device/tablet to the eduroam network at BGSU
Locations of other eduroam participating institutions.
Explanation of varying wireless signal strength on campus including a link to test your internet speed.
Restrictions on using wireless access points
Troubleshooting instructions for device stuck in "connecting" to eduroam state.
Pairing a Bluetooth device with a Mac or Windows computer.
Using the wireless share feature powered by AirTame.
Using the wireless share feature powered by Sharelink.
Information on the various different BGSU wireless networks
Explanation of the eduroam network.
Self-help guide for using the provided wireless microphones in BGSU classrooms.
Instructions for using a FIFINE wireless microphone for in-classroom voice amplification.
Using the wireless share feature powered by Zoom.