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Information on updating Duo settings and devices.
Information on BGSU Chosen Name and how to update it.
Instructions for changing your personal information in MyBGSU and information on the BGSU Address Change Confirmation message delivered to accountholders when their home address has been updated in MyBGSU.
Information on accessing and managing BGSU tax documents in MyBGSU.
Updating textbooks for BGSU course
Information on how to change/update/reset your BGSU password.
Instructions for customizing Canvas notification settings.
Steps to update your Microsoft Office/SharePoint profile information.
Information regarding how it is determined if a device needs a version update.
Explanation of Windows version updates.
Explanation of why version updates are necessary.
Information on changing your Zoom display name.
Instructions for devices needing a version update.
Information regarding multiple devices needing a Windows version update.
Use this article to change the role of a student or person within Canvas.