Updating Your Duo Settings


How do I update my Duo Two Factor Authentication settings?


  1. Attempt to access a Duo-protected service (such as MyBGSU or webmail).
  2. If Duo attempts to auto-authenticateselect Cancel.
  3. Select the Settings menu followed by My Settings & Devices.
  4. Use this page to:
    1. Add, update or remove devices.
    2. Set your default device. 
    3. Choose auto-authentication methods for your default device
    4. Change your device name.

More detailed information regarding updating Duo settings and devices is available on the Duo website here

**Please do not approve Duo authentication requests if you have not attempted to log in to a protected service. For more information review this article** 

For additional assistance, please contact Information Technology Services at 419-372-0999 or through chat.

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