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How to use Bridge analytics
Information on how to create a new Bridge course, add content, upload SCORM/PowerPoint packages to a course, add videos to a course, add a new user to a course, view course summary details, override enrollment data and/or export course reports/data.
Instructions on adding filters and spotlights to Power BI reports, using a slicer, pins, focus mode, full screen mode and Power BI interaction points.
Instructions for accessing and viewing reports/dashboards/workspaces in Power BI.
Information regarding the types of data imports supported by Power BI as well as information regarding Power BI's semantic model (formerly called datasets)
Information on various data types and how to store/send them.
Items to consider leaving behind when traveling outside of the United States.
Guidelines and recommendations for traveling with high risk data.
Lists of approved equipment and other information
Information on CrashPlan
Information on troubleshooting hard drive issues.
Describes the process for creating a new folder in Google Drive and moving files stored locally on the Chromebook to the folder.
Tips for keeping your data secure while working remotely.
Instructions for using Fetch v5 on Mac OS X to access BGLinux
Information Technology Services' guidelines for collecting and storing data in Adobe Sign.