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Instructions for resetting BGSU test environment password via self-service.
Instructions for switching the SharePoint Experience.
Instructions for configuring a mobile phone number for SMS password reset capabilities
Example and characteristic breakdown of BGSU password management email messages.
How to update/change your BGSU password security question.
Instructions for adding a phone number for voice call password reset capabilities.
Instructions for changing BGSU password via self-service.
Information regarding changing the owner of a University device.
Information on changing your Zoom display name.
Information on making changes to student Telephone Directory data.
Instructions for requesting a change to a BGSU telephone display name or voicemail.
Use this article to change the role of a student or person within Canvas.
Information on changing proxy access.
What to do if you can no longer print after changing your BGSU password.
Information on the BGSU Address Change Confirmation message.