No Sound On My Device When Using Jabber


Why can't I hear any sounds when using Jabber while working remotely/off-campus (including voice calls and/or notifications)?


If you are using Remote Desktop (RDP), it is likely that the sound you are expecting to hear is coming out of the device that is physically located on campus. To correct this issue:

  1. Log out of Jabber.
  2. Log out of your RDP session or minimize your RDP session to access the screen on the device physically in front of you.
  3. Open Jabber on the physical device in front of you.
  4. You will now hear sound because Jabber is open on the physical computer in your possession, not the remote computer on campus. 

For additional assistance, please contact Information Technology Services at 419-372-0999 or through chat.


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Thu 3/26/20 4:36 PM
Mon 5/4/20 3:47 PM