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Scanning and reporting on results of bubble sheet based course evaluations.

Scanning and scoring of bubble sheet based exams.

Purchasing approved bubble sheets for academic scanning through the approved vendor.

Use this page to report an issue with the Accudemia software.

Set up a new center using Accudemia.

Learn about AlertBG, BGSU's campus alert system.

Request support for a BGSU Auxiliary System.

Use this page to request access to the Blackboard Transaction System (BBTS).

Use this page to request access to the StarRez application.

Many campus systems will automatically stay in sync with your main BGSU Password. Use the information on this page to assist you in changing or recovering that password.

Request a new BGSU Account here and learn more about the services provided and accounts that sync with your BGSU Account.

The process for purchasing a Duo Two Step Authentication security token

This page provides direction for obtaining an individual BGUnix account.

Information on creating and posting to a BGSU blog.

Report an issue with the Bomgar application.