IT Project Classifications

The following defines the various project classifications used by Information Technology Services. 

IT Service

A permanent or semi-permanent, repeatable body of work; produces the same quality result or outcome over and over again. 

Examples: Digital Signage Requests, Account Setups, New Computer Hardware, New Software installation, General IT Service Requests, etc. To view our Service Catalog please click here

IT Enhancement

An enhancement is any product change or update that increases software or hardware capabilities beyond the original client specification. Enhancements allow existing software and hardware product performance scalability. 

In general, product enhancements include: additional functionality, greater processing speed and better cross-platform compatibility. 

IT Enhancements generally have a flexible deadline, budget of less than $8,000 and require less than 80 hours of work.

Please note: As part of the evaluation process, IT Enhancements are subject to approval. 

IT Project

An IT Project can be defined as a project request that falls under any one of the below listed criteria as determined by the IT System Analyst:

  • If there is not an existing IT service in place for your request, or if your request does not conform to the current IT Service in place.
  • A project is a deliverable that has a total work effort of the IT staff totaling more than 80 hours.
  • Projects with a total budget exceeding $8,000.
  • The project submitted has a firm deadline for completion.

Please note: As part of the evaluation process, IT Projects are subject to review and approval by the Executive Sponsors.


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