Best Practices for Large Zoom Meetings


What are some best practices when hosting large Zoom meetings?


The settings below will limit your participants microphone and allow them only to listen along and communicate with you via chat.

  • Schedule the meeting using the web interface and change advanced settings.
    • Under the Video suggestion, consider disabling Participant video to start.
    • Under Meeting Options, select Mute participants upon entry.
  • Join the meeting early to change in-meeting settings.
    • Open the Participants Window:
      • Select the ellipses (…) icon near the bottom.
      • Unselect the option for Allow Particiapnts to Unmute Themselves.
      • Select the option for Mute Participants upon Entry and ensure that the checkbox to allow them to unmute themselves remains unchecked on the pop-up window before selecting continue.
  • Communicate Expectations During Meeting Introduction
    • Introduce the meeting and your rules.
    • Suggest that everyone ask questions in chat to avoid talking over each other.
    • Assign the presenter or the host to monitor chat.

For additional assistance, please contact Information Technology Services at 419-372-0999 or through chat.


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