How Do I Create an Auto-Response for ListServ?


How do I create an auto-response for ListServ?


Use the steps outlined below to create your auto-response.

  1. Login to ListServ using your BGSU username and password.
  2. Navigate to the list you want to create the auto-reply for. 
    1. Select List Management, followed by List Dashboard. It may take a few seconds to load.
    2. Search for the list using the Search feature on this page. 
    3. Once search is finished, select the name of the list you wish to create the auto-reply for.
  3. Select the List Management tab. 
    1. From the menu, select Customization.
    2. While hovering over Customization, a menu will appear to the right. Select Mail Templates
    3. In the search box Type, or copy/paste the following: POSTACK1
    4. Select search to pull up the template where you can type in your auto-response message. 
  4. Fill in the Subject Line with the preferred auto-response email subject. 
  5. In the Contents section, type the body of your auto-response message. 
    • To refer to the list that will be sending the auto-response without having to type the listserv's full name, instead use &LISTTITLE@&MYHOST. This will appear as LISTSERV@LISTS.BGSU.EDU, where the name of the list will replace LISTSERV.
    • Once satisfied with the message, select the update button located beneath the Contents section.
  6. Updating the POSTACK1 applies the auto-responder. 
    • Any subscriber whom responds to an email from the listserv will receive the message contained in the POSTACK1 template.
    • If an owner replies to a listserv email they will also get the auto-response, but the message content they sent to the listserv will also be distributed to the list.
    • If a non-owner and non-subscriber attempts to email the listserv they will receive the message You are not subscribed to this list response.

For additional assistance, please contact Information Technology Services at 419-372-0999 or through chat.


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