Submitting a Security Request via PeopleSoft


How do I submit a security request via PeopleSoft?


Follow the instructions below to submit a security request for the following applications: PeopleSoft CSS/FMS/HCM, Raiser’s Edge NXT, Agilon ONE.

  1. Select Submit Request Form from the PeopleSoft Access Request (CSS/FMS/HCM) service page.
    • You can also access this form from within the MyBGSU portal by selecting Security Request under MISC SERVICES on the Employees page or directly from HCM ( by selecting the Security Request/Approval icon followed by Security Request.
    • You must be connected to the BGSU network/VPN to access this form. 
  2. Select the environment for which you would like to request security access from the Add a New Security Request drop-down menu. 
  3. Select Add Request
  4. Your username and contact information will default into their respective fields.
    • If you are requesting access for yourself, leave your username in the BGSU User Name field.
    • If you are requesting access for someone else, enter their username into the BGSU User Name field or select the magnifying glass to search for the person.
    • If the system is unable to determine any of the contact information for yourself or the person for which you are requesting access, you will be required to enter the name, BGSU ID, job title, department and business phone number details. Some examples of when this might happen is for new employees or guests/contractors that need system access.
  5. Enter the Effective Date for the request.
  6. Enter the campus affiliation for the person that access is being requested for.
    • If making a request to remove all access to the environment, check the Remove All Access checkbox.
    • Examples of when a request to remove all access might be submitted include an employee leaving BGSU through retirement or termination or a change in the employee’s department or job responsibilities. No further action can be taken on the request page if you select this option.
  7. Add the appropriate Access Roles. Access roles are grouped by functional area and are defined as ACCESS ROLES in the lookup.
    1. Select the magnifying glass symbol next to the Area field and select the Functional Area(s) for which you would like to request access. 
      • Select Details to see more information about the functional area
      • Select the + icon to add additional functional areas as needed (the - icon removes the selections from the request).
    2. Within each Functional Area, add the specific role(s) for which you are requesting access. Use the magnifying glass to search for available roles within the functional area.
      • Select Details for more information about each role. 
      • Select the icon to add additional access roles as needed (the - icon removes the selections from the request).
      • For each role, use the dropdown menu to select if you would like to add or remove access.
    3. For each role, use the dropdown to select if you would like to add or remove access.
  8. If requesting security access for the FMS environment, add the appropriate FMS Workflow Roles. If requesting security access for the CSS environmentadd the appropriate Row Level Security. See below for additional information. 
  9. Enter comments if additional information is warranted. 
  10. If you are requesting access for yourself you will be required to acknowledge your agreement to the BGSU IT Policy and University Code of Ethics by checking the box next to the statement.
  11. Select Submit to submit the request and initiate the approval process. 

Please Note: A request can include any combination of Roles and Role Level Security. Separate requests are not necessary.

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For additional assistance, please contact Information Technology Services at 419-372-0999 or through chat.

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