Using a Telepresence Room to Join a Zoom Meeting


How do I join a scheduled Zoom meeting using a telepresence room?


If you plan on using a telepresence system, you will need to disable the waiting room for your meeting. 

Before Your Class

  1. Schedule a single recurring meeting in Zoom for all of your class meetings using Zoom within Canvas
    • Do not enable the waiting room as it will not work well in the classroom.
  2. From within Canvas, select Zoom on the left navigation for your course. 
  3. Locate your scheduled meeting and click on the meeting topic for your class, which should be a blue link.
  4. From the Invite Attendees section select the Copy the Invitation link. 
  5. Scroll down on this window about 3/4ths of the way until you find the Join by SIP URI and the passcode for your meeting. 
  6. Copy the SIP URI and the passcode and save them somewhere, as you will need this each class.
  7. Select Cancel to close the window. 
  8. Launch the Zoom web interface located at
  9. Update your profile by selecting the profile link at the top of the Zoom interface. 
  10. Scroll down to the Host Key section.
  11. Select Edit.
  12. Enter a new host key of your choice.
  13. Select Save. 
  14. You will need the host key anytime you want to host a meeting from a telepresence room.

In the Classroom

Be sure to bring your SIP Address, Passcode, and Host Key.

  1. Press the Call button.
  2. Click into the Search Box and select the number key. 
  3. Enter the SIP URI  into the box. 
    • This will end with @zoom so you will need to switch back and forth between the numbers and letters keyboards.
  4. Select Call. 
  5. Select the "X" icon in the top if you are asked what content to share. 
  6. Enter the meeting passcode by pressing the keypad and entering the numbers followed by #.
  7. If hosting the meeting, enter your Host Key when prompted followed by #.
  8. You are now in the meeting via telepresence. 
  9. To adjust meeting controls
    1. Select *1 on the keypad to open the control menu.
    2. Select * to close the menu. 
  10. To share your screen:
    1. Select the Share button.
    2. Select the appropriate output (Classroom PC, Podium PC, HDMI)
  11. To mute the speakers in the room:
    • Select the Mute button on the bottom right of the touch panel.
  12. To adjust audio levels:
    • Use the volume buttons at the bottom of the touch panel. 

If you would like to use additional controls such as Zoom Chat, Polls or the Participants list, we suggest joining the meeting using a laptop an not joining the computer audio.   m

For additional assistance, please contact Information Technology Services at 419-372-0999 or through chat.


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