Adding MS Teams Channel Tabs


How do I add tabs to my Channel in Microsoft Teams?


Tabs are located at the top of a channel (next to the channel name) and provide easy-access links to files, apps and services.

Add a Tab to Your Channel

  1. Select the plus (+) sign next to the tabs.
  2. Select from the available tabs.
    • For example, adding the Excel tab will allow you to add an Excel spreadsheet to a tab for easily access and collaboration.
    • For more information about the tab you selected, select the About link in the top right corner of the tab window that appears.
  3. Enter the requested details/information for the tab you chose.
  4. Select Save.

Remove a Tab From Your Channel

  1. Select the down arrow next to the tab name.
  2. Select remove.
  3. Select remove again. 

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