Install Print Driver for Windows Office Devices


How do I install the Falcon Print driver on my Windows office device?


Please Note: The steps below are for university-owned, Windows computers in which you are the primary user. For installation on an Apple device or any other computer, please contact Information Technology Services

  1. Obtain printer name from department contact.
  2. \\\PrinterName.
    • You must replace the PrinterName portion in the path above with the actual printer name of the printer you would like to install, for example, "\\\Hayes129". If you do not know your printer name, please contact your department secretary or ITS (if contacting ITS, please have the ComDoc contract number located on the sticker on your print device readily available). 
  3. Open the Run box by holding Windows Key + R.
  4. Paste the Printer Name into Run Command dialog box and select Ok.
  5. The printer installation will begin.
  6. Once a dialog box disappears, the printer is ready to use!

For additional assistance, please contact Information Technology Services at 419-372-0999 or through chat.

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