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Services or Offerings?
Use this service to request a student telephone line be added to their residence hall room.

Request the installation of a new BGSU telephone service.

Information on making corrections or changes to telephone billing.

Submit a request to discontinue/remove a current telephone service.

Submit a request to change an existing BGSU telephone service.

Report a malfunction with University telephone/voicemail equipment or services.

Request changes be made to your faculty/staff data listed in the BGSU Telephone Directory.

Submit a request to change the display on a University phone.

Request assistance moving your computer or telephone equipment to another location on campus, or to return an unneeded device to ITS inventory.

As of Spring Semester 2021, ITS no longer assists with computer/equipment moves for large construction projects. Logistics firms should be involved to assist. Please contact the Office of Planning, Design & Construction for more information.

Request a large capacity hosted conference call number for calling into meetings.

Convert your physical fax line to the BGSU fax server.

Use this page to reset your BGSU voicemail PIN.

Request a new number and account for the BGSU fax server.