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Instructions for adding a user to a group in Bridge.
Instructions for adding a new Tester to the OnBase QA Test Scripts application.
Where to find information/documentation on using Microsoft Forms.
Instructions for submitting a New Computer Purchase via ITS. A new computer purchase request is one for a device that is not replacing an existing device or for a new hire, or for a device not available in our standard device or gently-used device inventory. This option can also be used for department or grant-funded purchases for an employee secondary device.
Information on creating a new BGSU account.
Instructions outlining how to create a new group in the Bridge training application.
Instructions for creating an assessment in Canvas New Quizzes.
Overview of the Canvas New Quizzes feature.
Instructions for restricting a Canvas quiz based on location.
Instructions for creating a ZDAM collection.
How to set a specific quiz engine as the default choice.
A video explaining how to request a University-owned computer.
Information regarding why a new student employee may not show up on the supervisor time sheet view.