BGSU Fax Server Recipient Email Formatting


How do I format the recipient email address when sending an email to the BGSU fax server?


When sending an email to the BGSU fax server, the To: field must be properly formatted in order for the fax server to receive the email and direct the fax to the proper recipient. The BGSU fax server supports two recipient formats:

  • Recipient_Name/ (includes Recipient Name)
  • (does not include Recipient Name)



This component of the email accress is used to specify a name in the To: line of the fax message header and is optional. Since the Recipient_Name is passed as part of the email address, its format must comply with email address standards. In general, this means it should contain only numbers and letters and it must not contain any spaces. An underscore character ("_") will be translated to a space by the fax server. For example, Freddie_Falcon would be entered into the Recipient_Name field to maintain the space. There is also the option to add the recipient's name in the subject line or int the message body of the email, instead. 



This component of the email address contains the fax number for the recipient of the fax message. The format for the fax number is the same as you would dial from a BGSU campus phone. For instance:

  • Campus Number:  20999
  • Local Number: 94193720999
  • Long Distance: 914193720999
  • International: 90114194370999

This component of the email address tell the BGSU email system to deliver the message to the BGSU fax server and must remain the same for all faxes. 

For additional assistance, please contact Information Technology Services at 419-372-0999 or through chat.

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