How Do I Use the BGSU Fax Server to Send a Fax?


How do I send a fax using the BGSU fax server? 


The BGSU fax server converts an email message into a PDF document for faxing to the intended recipient. BGSU employees with a valid BGSU email account can use the fax server to send faxes using any email client supported by BGSU's email system, including Outlook, Outlook Web Access and Entourage. Follow the steps below to send a fax using the BGSU fax server. 

  1. Open your BGSU email client (Microsoft Outlook, webmail, etc.).
  2. Complete the To: field using these guidelines.
  3. Enter the message Subject.
  4. Add your attachments.
  5. Add any additional text you would like to accompany your fax in the email body field. 
  6. Select Send to deliver the fax.
  7. Your email account will receive a message from confirming if the fax was delivered successfully

Note: Based on the size of attachments sent and the load on the fax server, there may be a delay of several minutes before you receive the success/fail confirmation message. To avoid sending duplicate faxes to the recipient, please wait until you have received the confirmation email before attempting to send the fax again. 

For additional assistance, please contact Information Technology Services at 419-372-0999 or through chat.

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