General Fax Server Information


Information regarding the BGSU fax server.



  • There is no cost associated with using the fax server.  There is no need to pay a monthly fee for the fax line. 
  • Users will receive an email confirmation of each error or successful delivery. 
  • Users will not need to print each fax that is to be sent. 
  • Faxes received can be forwarded via email to their intended recipient. 
  • Users can send a fax from their desktop.

Conversion to Network Fax Server:

  • Existing fax numbers are associated with an email address. 
  • Incoming faxes are routed to the inbox of the associated address. 
  • To request that a fax number be converted to the network fax server, please complete the form on this page.


To send a fax via the network fax server the user will simply send an email address to the server containing the receiving fax number to the To: field and attach the file that is to be sent.  Additional instructions are provided in the document Using the BGSU Fax Server to Send a Fax.

For additional assistance, please contact Information Technology Services at 419-372-0999 or through chat.

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