Connecting a Mac to a Classroom System


How do I use my Mac laptop when teaching in a classroom?


Using the classroom's camera and microphone for Hybrid Classes:

  1. Use the computer in the classroom to launch your Zoom meeting.
  2. Join the same meeting using your Mac laptop and mute the laptop's speakers and microphone.
  3. Share your Mac laptop screen in the meeting.

For more information on using your laptop in a hybrid classroom, please find your classroom in our training and description links and review our specialized Hybrid Training

Using your laptop's camera and microphone for hybrid classes, or when teaching a standard class:

Some Macs are equipped with an HDMI port, but this is uncommon. Macs typically do not have an HDMI port, but rather a USB Type C port. If your Mac does not have an HDMI port, you will need an adaptor, like this one, which should have come with your University-owned device. If you are using a personal Mac device, make sure you have an adaptor with HDMI available. ITS does not provide these adaptors so please be sure to bring the appropriate adaptor with you to the classroom.

  1. Insert the adaptor into the appropriate port on the computer.
  2. Plug an HDMI cable into the adaptor and plug the other end into the appropriate port on the classroom podium or cabinet.
  3. Turn on the AV system and select the HDMI source button on the touch panel.

*You may need to change the resolution of your Mac to the lowest setting under System Settings on the device. An AV system restart may be required after changing the resolution.

For additional assistance, please contact Classroom Technology Services.

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