Connecting a Mac to the AV System Using HDMI or VGA


How do I hook up a Mac to the AV system via HDMI or VGA in a classroom?


Some Macs are equipped with an HDMI port, but this is uncommon. Macs typically do not have a VGA or HDMI port, but rather a Thunderbolt port. If your Mac has a Thunderbolt port, you will need a Thunderbolt to VGA or HDMI adaptor. CTS does not provide these adaptors so please be sure to bring the appropriate adaptor with you to the classroom.

  1. Insert the adapter into the appropriate port on the computer.
  2. Plug VGA or HDMI cable into the adaptor and plug the other end into the appropriate port on the AV system.
    • VGA cables require you to plug the mini-plug into the headphone jack of the computer and the other end of the mini-plug into the audio plug on the AV system.
    • HDMI cables carry both video and audio.
  3. Turn on the AV system and select the appropriate Video source (HDMI or VGA) on the touch panel.

*You may need to change the resolution of your Mac to the lowest setting under System Settings on the device. An AV system restart may be required after changing the resolution.

For additional assistance, please contact Classroom Technology Services.


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