How Can I Save on Printing Costs?


Are there suggested alternatives to printing in order to save costs?

Suggested Resources

  • Use OneDrive to store your documents rather than printing them.
  • As an instructor, avoid asking your students to print assignments (or multiple copies) and instead, allow them to submit work via Canvas. 
  • Email the document (or url) to yourself for later access. 
  • Use print preview.  Often blank pages will be included at the end of documents.  Print preview can help you identify and print only the pages you want. 
  • Use smaller font sizes, single line spacing, and/or smaller document margins in order to fit more material on a page. 
  • Cut and paste the information you need into a word processor.  This is especially helpful in printing only needed information from online sources. 
  • Avoid printing multiple drafts. Complete editing online, instead. 
  • Ask others to provide materials to you in electronic format - and do the same for them. 

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