Approving Security Requests via PeopleSoft


How do I approve a security request made within PeopleSoft?


As an employee, manager/supervisor or functional approver, you may be required to approve PeopleSoft security requests. If a security request has entered your workflow queue, you will receive an email indicating that a security request is waiting on you to take action. Follow the instructions below to approve/deny a request.

Please Note: Users must be connected to the BGSU network/VPN in order to approve requests. If someone is not yet employed, the workflow will not be able to find their manager to approve their request, and the request will not route. 

  1. Log in to or select the link within the approval request email.
  2. Select the Security Request/Approval icon.
  3. Select Security Request Approval.
    • Any security requests awaiting your approval will be displayed on this page. If nothing is displayed, you have no requests to approve. 
  4. From the Security Request Approval page, select the Request ID you wish to review.
    • If someone created the request on your behalf, as the employee, you will be required to agree to the IT Policy and Code of Ethics by checking the box next to the statement.
  5. To approve or deny the request, select the appropriate option.
  6. Enter comments related to your approval/denial as necessary.
  7. Once the security request has made its way through the approval workflow, the requestor will receive an email indicating that the request was approved or denied.


For additional assistance, please contact Information Technology Services at 419-372-0999 or through chat.

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