IT Project Priority Definitions

The following defines the various project priorities used by Information Technology Services. 

Priority 1 - High Priority

This project directly effects enrollment, revenue or student success. Additionally, this project may have a firm deadline in order to meet an organizational objective and/or University strategic goal. This project might reduce overall labor or improve data quality by implementing efficiencies within a department or intra-departments.

Priority 2 - Medium Priority

This project has merit but does not directly affect enrollment, revenue or student success.

Priority 3 

This project is basically a nice to have.

Process for moving a project from one priority to another (up or down)

Any member of the Executive Sponsors Committee may raise the question as to the priority of any project and recommend that the project be re-evaluated or changed to a different priority. A vote of the members present is required to determine the new priority.


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Use the form on this page to submit a Project Evaluation Request to ITS. By submitting this request you are committing to serve as the project’s designated representative and must present this request to the SIC for approval as part of the project governance process before the project can begin. Please note that SIC committee meetings occur the first Tuesday of every month at 4 p.m.