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Services or Offerings?
Request the installation of a new BGSU telephone service.

Request a new report/analysis for development within the data warehouse.

Submit a request for a new single sign-on configuration or modification to an existing one.

BGSU can provide a shared office email or group calendar account. All email accounts come with calendars, but it is possible to set up a calendar without an attached email account.

Interested in using Sites or MS Teams for collaboration within your department or group? First you must request a site from Information Technology Services (ITS).

Submit a request to change the display on a University phone.

Request a new number and account for the BGSU fax server.

Use this page to request a new digital sign for your department.

Use this service to request a new department space in ZDAM.

Request new, change existing, or remove access to electronicsignature applications

Request assistance with electronic signatures, including creating a new template/form, modifying an existing process, etc.

Request a new data drop or BGSU Internet Connection (BIC) be installed in your office or facility.

Use this service to request the creation of a new Power BI report, or to request changes to an existing Power BI report.

The process for requesting changes or upgrades to existing computer labs, or to request setup of a new computer lab.

Create a new BGSU Account here and learn more about the services provided and accounts that sync with your BGSU Account.