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Services or Offerings?
Request new instructional software, or request an upgrade to existing software for a BGSU computer lab, classroom, or mobile device cart.

Request a new data drop or BGSU Internet Connection (BIC) be installed in your office or facility.

Use this page to report an issue with software installed on a lab, mobile device cart, or classroom computer.

Use this service for new software installs after reviewing the standard office software available for installation on University-owned employee or shared computers.

Use this page to request a new digital sign for your department.

Request a Four Winds account to begin updating your department's digital signage.

Use this service to procure software not currently offered/owned by the University.
*Please note: Software procurement requests typically take a minimum of 45 days to be routed through the approval process.*
**You will be contacted throughout this process; please be sure to reply to any additional requests for information.**

The process for requesting a laptop for use when traveling internationally for university business.

The process for requesting changes or upgrades to existing computer labs, or to request setup of a new computer lab.

Use this service to request assistance with Cisco Jabber.