BitLocker for University Devices


What is Bitlocker?


What is BitLocker? 

Microsoft BitLocker is a built-in encryption technology for Windows devices. BitLocker allows an organization to fully encrypt data volumes, from hard drives to flash drives.

Microsoft has a fully managed encryption platform built into their operating systems and device configuration tools, it allows BGSU to reduce the number of tools required to manage whole disk encryption across campus. Additionally, BitLocker leverages on-board hardware to store encryption keys securely and does not require a separate user password to unlock the disk.

Why does BGSU use encryption?

Both desktop and mobile devices are at risk of being lost or stolen. BGSU's goal is to keep data stored on University-owned devices safe and whole disk encryption reduces that risk.

What devices have BitLocker installed?

All BGSU Windows office devices imaged by ITS after January 2018. BitLocker is designed to be unobtrusive and is centrally managed by the ITS department

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