Using PowerPoint in the Classroom


How do I use PowerPoint on the device in my classroom?


The instructions below will walk you through using PowerPoint on the computers available in university classroom. Instructions are specific to the PowerPoint version installed on the computers and may or may not be applicable to the version of PowerPoint installed on a laptop or device brought into the classroom by the instructor. 

  1. Open the PowerPoint presentation file from its saved location.
  2. Turn on the AV system at the touch panel and setup the display(s) to show the PowerPoint presentation. There are two options for doing this:
    • Presenter View
      • Verify the screen you plan to read from is set to PC Main on the touch panel.
      • Verify the screens you plan to show the presentation from are set to PC Extended on the touch panel. 
    • Screen Duplication
      • Some rooms are not well-suited for Presenter View, as there may not be a screen only visible to the presenter, or the presenter may prefer to read off the slide without the features of Presenter View. In this case, you will want to set all screens to either PC Main or PC Extended.
  3. Start the presentation.
  4. Change PowerPoint settings if necessary (Screen Duplication).
    • On the screen showing Presenter View (the large, grey screen with your slide on it, but smaller),  Select  Display Settings at the top of the screen. Select Duplicate Slide Show from the dropdown menu. This will change Presenter View into the regular slide view optimized for presenting.

For additional assistance, please contact Classroom Technology Services.


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