Academic Scanning Process Options


What academic scanning options are currently available at BGSU?


Effective Fall semester 2021, the follow academic scanning process options are available:

Option 1: ITS Processing of Scantrons 

Scantron forms may be dropped off to ITS for processing; however, due to the reduction in staff, ITS is unable to guarantee a turnaround time.

  1. Instructors contact the ITS service desk to have a TDX Academic Scanning ticket created containing the locker location and instructions. 
  2. Instructors deposit Scantron sheets and answer key in the Hayes Hall drop-off locker assigned. 
  3. ITS processes the Scantron sheets in Hayes Hall 114 and emails instructors when ready for locker pickup.
    • Instructors will receive all standard Scantron-generated report types and raw data file with no data manipulation. 
    • Instructors are responsible for any additional data manipulation beyond the standard reports; use of secondary keys or weight keys will require manual data manipulation in the raw data file. 
    • Results will remain available in SharePoint for 30 days, after which they will be deleted.
  4. Processed exams will be available for locker pickup for 2 calendar days from the date of the results email notification.  If they have not be picked up, they will be destroyed.

Option 2: Instructor / Instructor Designee Processing of Scantrons 

If a guaranteed return time is needed, instructors may process their own Scantron sheets or have their designee process them.  Designees cannot be undergraduate students.  The Scantron device will be in Hayes Hall 114 during ITS support hours. ITS will provide a one-time training for the instructor or designee. 

  • Instructors contact ITS to schedule a one-time training session for the Scantron device.
    • Instructors or designees come to Hayes Hall 114 to process Scantron sheets. 
      • Please note – Hayes Hall 114 is a shared work environment.  ITS staff may be working and/or assisting other clients in this space. 
      • Instructors will receive all standard Scantron generated report types and a raw data file. 
    • Instructors are responsible for bringing a flash drive to store the reports; the scanning computer is not connected to the network. 
    • Instructors are responsible for any data manipulation that is required; use of secondary keys or weight keys will require manual data manipulation of the raw data file. 
  • ITS will provide documentation in Hayes Hall 114 should the instructor or designee require additional support or reference.

For additional assistance, please contact Information Technology Services at 419-372-0999 or through chat.


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