Configuring a Microsoft Bookings Site


How can I configure my Microsoft Bookings site?


Once your MS Bookings site has been created, you will need to configure it to allow people to book appointments with your team. Follow these steps to set up your Microsoft Bookings site:

Configure Your Business

​​​​​​Before getting started you must provide a business name and hours for appointments.

Use this article to help configure your business.


Add Users

Next, you will set up users for whom appointments can be booked. You can customize each user's availability and use their Outlook Calendar.

Review this article for help adding staff to Bookings.


Configure Your Services

Create the services available for booking through your site; for example, scheduling an advising appointment. Once your services are created, you can add users to each service for whom they can be booked.

Learn how to define your service offerings in Bookings


Publish Your Site

When you have completed the above, publish your site so users can begin booking appointments with your team.

Customize and publish your Bookings page. 

Additional Information

More information on Microsoft Bookings is available on the Microsoft website.

For additional assistance, please contact Information Technology Services at 419-372-0999 or through chat.

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