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Services or Offerings?
Request support for a BGSU Auxiliary System.

Request new, change existing, or remove access to electronicsignature applications

Report an issue with an electronic signature application.

Use this service to report issues with the ZDAM application.

Use the form on this page to report an issue with the Avalon application.

Use this service for new software installs after reviewing the standard office software available for installation on University-owned employee or shared computers.
Device owners should submit requests for software installation on their device(s). Supervisors/faculty should submit software installation requests for student/shared devices.

Use this page to request access to Transaction System Enterprise (TSE)

Request a Four Winds account to begin updating your department's digital signage.

Use this service to procure software not currently offered/owned by the University.
*Please note: Software procurement requests typically take a minimum of 45 days to be routed through the approval process.*
**You will be contacted throughout this process; please be sure to reply to any additional requests for information.**

Use this service to request access to the Video Insight secure video camera system

Request a Power BI workspace, add users to a workspace or request assistance setting up a data source.

Use this service to request the creation of a new Power BI report, or to request changes to an existing Power BI report.

Use this page to request access to the BGSU Web Report Library

Request assistance with electronic signatures, including creating a new template/form, modifying an existing process, etc.

Use this service to request/change Zoho Assist access or to report an issue with Zoho Assist