Requesting a Replacement University Device


Instructions to assist in submitting a University Device Request for a Replacement device.



How do I request a university-owned replacement device?


To request a Replacement device you must submit a University Device Request form to ITS. Below are some additional tips/guidelines for submitting this request:

  1.  Select the Replacement Device option from the "What will this device be used for?" drop-down menu.
    • Replacement Devices are issued in the form of a gently-used device that is the same/similar model as the existing device (based on availability) unless otherwise noted in the ticket/request.
  2. Include the asset number of the device you are replacing. 
  3. Is this device for a remote-only employee?
    1. If the employee does not have a physical office on campus and is 100% remote, select Yes.
    2. Off-campus equipment delivery for faculty/staff (IE. remote staff) is the responsibility of the requestor's department. 
    3. If Yes is selected, you must include an on-campus delivery location for the device. ITS will deliver the device and any additional accessories and instructions to this location. 
  4. Review our list of Standard Software to determine if you need to request additional, non-standard software.
  5. Department Charge Code/Four-Digit Fund Code - This information is required and can be obtained from the requestor's supervisor or department administrative contact.
    • Please enter the codes for your department and not the example text included in the text field.

For additional assistance, please contact Information Technology Services at 419-372-0999 or through chat.



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