2019 Software Licensing Changes


What software licensing changes have ocurred in 2019?


Below are the BGSU software licensing changes made during 2019:

Microsoft Office

BGSU is upgrading to Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus (Windows) and Microsoft Office 2019 (Mac). As of Fall Semester 2019, all new university devices and desktop refresh devices will be configured with the new version, and all ITS-managed classroom and lab computers will be upgraded throughout this semester.   

There are three specific, Microsoft-driven changes to note for non-classroom/lab devices: 

  • Upon first launch of Office, users must sign in using their BGSU username and password on both university-owned devices and personal devices. 

  • University-owned device installations now decrement from the five installations of Microsoft Office allotted to BGSU faculty and staff. For example, if you have two office devices with Microsoft Office installed and one personal device with Microsoft Office installed, you would have two more downloads/installations available. This new installation decrement process is a result of changes to Microsoft’s licensing. 

  • The new versions of Microsoft Office may not be compatible with certain plug-ins. To confirm compatibility please contact Information Technology Services (ITS).  

Adobe Creative Cloud & Acrobat

Beginning Fall Semester 2019, all ITS-managed labs will be running Adobe Creative Cloud 2019 and Adobe Acrobat 2019. For your information, below are the licensing changes of note made by Adobe for the 2019 versions:

  • 2019 software versions require users to log in with their BGSU credentials when accessing the product on all lab and university-owned devices.
  • Users are restricted to two simultaneous device activations at a time. Users will be prompted to deactivate one device if two activations are in use and the user needs to access the product on a third device.  
  • Students accessing the 2019 versions must choose the Enterprise ID option when logging in on university-owned devices. 

For additional assistance, please contact Information Technology Services at 419-372-0999 or through chat.


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