Creating a Guest Wireless Account


How do I create a guest wireless account?  


A visitor to campus can use Wireless Guest Access to connect to the "BGSU-Guest" network via laptop, tablet or mobile device for up to five days on up to three different devices (from the time the account is created).  

Guests can be described as any short-term visitor to the BGSU campus that wishes to connect to the internet for basic services such as email and web access. An example of a guest might be a parent or visiting student from a non-eduroam participating university. 

Follow the steps below to create a guest wireless account: 

  1. Select BGSU-Guest from the list of available wireless networks on your device. 

    • This should open your web browser to bring up the authentication page. If your browser doesn't automatically redirect try forcing the redirect by going to htttp://

  2. Select Create New Guest Account.

  3. Enter the requested information. 

    1. Email address cannot be an email address (this will also serve as your username).

  4. Select Create Account.

    1. Take note of the information on the Account Created screen. This includes your username and password. 

    2. You will also receive an SMS text message from with your password information. 

  5. Select Log in. 

  6. Enter your new Guest Wireless credentials

    1. Username: The email address you entered. 

    2. Password: The six-digit code sent via SMS text and displayed on the Account Created page. 

  7. Select Log In

  8. Review and Accept the Acceptable Use Policy

  9. You should now be connected to the BGSU-Guest network. 

Once you have logged in, use the network as you would any other wireless internet connection. Guest Wireless users may have limited or no access to certain BGSU network resources and are subject to all University policies and procedures.  

Information on the various BGSU Wireless Networks 

For additional assistance, please contact Information Technology Services at 419-372-0999 or through chat.


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