Using a Windows Computer for VPN


How do I remotely access my office desktop from a Windows computer?


This guide will walk you through connecting to your on campus computer from off campus using a windows computer. For help connecting using an off campus mac computer, click here.

Setting Up Pulse

Please be sure you have followed all of the steps on the primary service page here before starting to use this guide.

Connecting to an On-Campus Windows Computer

Use the following steps to configure your VPN access to allow for a Windows to Windows connection. You will only need to follow the fourth step once you have set the system up one time.

1. Log into the VPN.

2. Select the icon in the Terminal Sessions window to add a new computer.

3. Enter each of the following:

  • The IP Address given to you by the Technology Support Center in the Host field.
  • Your BGSU Username and Password in the Authentication section.

4. Select the Bookmark name you entered when configuring your account to launch the remote connection.


Connecting to an On-Campus Apple Computer

Before you start this process, you will will need to install and configure the Pulse Application as well as a VNC Application.

1. Connect Pulse.

2. Launch VNC Viewer by double clicking on the file.

3. Enter the IP Address given to you by ITS in the VNC Server box and select Connect.

For additional assistance, please contact Information Technology Services at 419-372-0999 or through chat.

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