Best Practices for Large Webex Meetings


What are some best practices and etiquette tips for Webex meeting hosts and participants.


Host Best Practices

  • Join early to allow time to troubleshoot, change in-meeting settings, and setup presentation (if necessary).
  • Utilize the Mute On Entry feature - this prevents participants from having their audio automatically connect upon joining the meeting and limits noise.
    • Select Participant from the top menu and then select Mute on Entry.
    • Pass on hosting privileges to another attendee and have them manage muting/unmuting attendees while you present during a larger meeting.
  • Turn off Entry and Exit Tone for large meetings so that the meeting notification doesn't continue to sound as participants join.
    • Select Participant from the top menu and then deselect Entry and Exit Tone.
  • Customize chat preferences:
    • Select Participant from the top menu and then select Assign Privileges.
      • Consider disabling ability to chat publicly with everyone.
      • Consider disabling ability to chat privately with other participants.
  • To disable attendee video, select the Meeting menu and then Options.
    • Uncheck Allow all participants to turn on video and then select OK.
  • Turn off sharing to avoid unwanted screen sharing. 
    • Select Participant from the top menu.
      • Unselect Anyone can Share.
  • Pin the host video for everyone in the room for host video only (pin icon).
    • By default, Webex toggles between videos as participants speak. To change this and pin the host video so that it is the main video, select the pin icon at the top of your video and select Everyone and Host Video Only.
  • Utilize Mute/Unmute All
    • Select Mute All from the Participant drop-down to mute all attendees. Participants can still mute/unmute themselves.
  • Schedule the meeting using the web interface and change advanced settings.
    • At the bottom of your meeting open Advanced Options and Scheduling Options.
    • Select Edit Attendee Privileges:
      • Disable View participant list to restrict who can see the attendance.
      • Disable Control application, web browser or desktop remotely to prevent sharing
  • Conduct an audio check to make sure participants can hear and that microphones are working.
  • Communicate expectations during meeting introduction.
    • Introduce the meeting and your rules.
    • Suggest that everyone ask questions in chat to avoid talking over each other.
    • Assign the presenter or the host to monitor chat.
  • Record the meeting to share with participants.

Participant Best Practices

  • Arrive to the meeting on time, or slightly early, to confirm audio and connectivity is working.
  • Mute yourself when you are not talking.
  • Utilize the chat feature for asking questions, both for the host or other participants.

ITS will decommission the Canvas Webex integration at the end of the Fall 2021 Semester. In response to faculty input, the Canvas Zoom integration was implemented during the Fall 2020 Semester as a replacement for Webex. Faculty who have not yet made the transition to Zoom should prepare to do so in the coming months, which includes the export of videos currently stored in Webex. Visit for more information.  

For additional assistance, please contact Information Technology Services at 419-372-0999 or through chat.

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