Printing: Student: Labs and Residence Halls

Who can use it?

BGSU Students

What is it?

Student printing from ITS Lab and Residence Hall Lab computers.

Where to get it?

Each residence hall contains at least one computer lab, with some halls having more than one lab. Each lab inside a residence hall has a combination of Dells running Windows and Apples running macOS, and each computer is set to print to a black and white laser printer. 

Labs inside of residence halls are provided as work environments for students and members of the residence community. The primary use of these resources is for academic related work. All other uses are considered secondary.

Click here for a list of ITS lab hours. Residence Hall labs are accessible 24/7 to students living in each respective hall.

If you are a student wanting to print from your personal device, please click here for information about Mobility Print.

How to use it?

In order to print in computer labs, students will need to login to a university computer using their BGSU username and password.

Funds available to pay for printing will be displayed to the student in a popup window prior to submitting each print job.  Any available funds will be available on the BG Bucks account of a student’s BG1 Card.  Any student needing to deposit / load BG1 Card funds may reference the BG1 Card Services website for further details. Printing funds are also available at which students can access using their BGSU credentials (users must be on campus to access their PaperCut account).

For more information on printing to print release stations in labs, click here.

If you encounter an issue with a lab printer, please inform the lab consultant on duty (if available) or contact the Technology Support Center.

How much does it cost?

The costs for student printing are:

$0.05 for a one side printed black and white page

$0.09 for a two side printed black and white page

$0.18 for a one side printed color page

$0.35 for a two side printed color page.