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File Share: Request Access/Folder Changes

Who can use it?

BGSU Faculty, Staff 

*The requestor must be the documented file share owner or contact person for the affected file share.

What is it?

This service allows a documented file share owner or contact person to request changes to their current file share, such as:

  • Adding or removing a user's access to a folder(s) within the file share
  • Adding or removing a folder from the top level of the existing file share

Where to get it?

Please complete the "Request Change" form on this page. 

How to use it?

After submitting the online form, an ITS technician will review your request, and upon approval the changes will be applied to your file share. You will be notified when the updates are completed. 

How much does it cost?

There is no cost for storage space under 10GB. Costs will be incurred for additional storage over 10GB. For more information on this additional cost please contact the TSC.