Lenel OnGuard: Request Access

Who can use it?

BGSU Faculty, Staff

What is it?

Lenel OnGuard is secure video camera system that provides managed access to live and/or recorded footage to any security camera(s) on the network.  Access can be provided to any BGSU faculty or staff, with a PC, to monitor any area of interest.

Where to get it?

Please complete the "Request Access" form on this page. 

*Please note: Lenel OnGuard requires active X and is therefore limited to PCs (not Macs) running Internet Explorer.

How to use it?

After access is approved and setup by an IT technician, users can access their footage via the OnGuard Web Viewer app located at https://ogcamdir1.bgsu.edu/lnl.og.web/lnl_og_videoviewer.aspx.

Upon logging in, users will be presented with a grid of panels and a list of cameras sorted by either Server Name or Group name. Clicking on a camera name will bring up the live feed in the first panel with subsequent cameras populating the grid from left to right, top to bottom, and eventually starting back at the beginning.

Users can also use the tabs to access recorded footage, export video, and control PTZ cameras; however, these tabs will display an error if the user doesn’t have sufficient permissions to use that feature.

*Please note: Video exported from the web viewer can only be exported in .lnl format which requires the installation of a standalone player to view.

How much does it cost?

Access to OnGuard via the web viewer is free.  

The cost for OnGuard is associated with the installation of cameras.  Anyone requesting the installation of a security camera bears the full cost of the (camera + installation + licensing + a (minimal yearly service cost)) per camera.  Any access to the system that goes beyond the web viewer might incur further licensing costs (only applicable to very large installations). For more information regarding potential costs, please contact the Technology Support Center