Research tools provided to BGSU faculty, students and staff.

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Statistical Software

BGSU supports various research tools, including MatLab and SAS (Statistical Analysis System).


Qualtrics is online survey software. The application allows a user to build surveys in which to gain insight into areas including institutional assessment, faculty evaluation and student satisfaction. Surveys that are built or edited can use conditional display logic e.g. only show a question based on response of another question, branch and skip logic.  Triggers can be set to produce email messages based off a response to a question.  Surveys can be distributed through anonymous links and email and can produce automated thank-yous and reminders. A variety of reporting is possible from the results. The lead functional area for this application is Institutional Research (IR). 

To obtain access to Qualtrics, follow the link below. Once you have signed into the system, your account will be setup.