BGSU recommends a secure wireless network (eduroam) that does not require consistent log on for current faculty, staff and students.

Wireless Guest Access allows users to connect to the BGSU wireless network (BGSU-Guest) for a limited period of time, as a guest. Wireless Guest Access supports three different types of accounts: Current Faculty/Staff/Students, Guest and Sponsored Guest accounts. Each account is specifically tailored to the user's access/timing needs.

BGSU is also part of the eduroam network. Eduroam allows users from participating academic institutions to securely access the internet at any other eduroam participating locations using their home institution's email address and password. Visitors to our campus from participating organizations can log on to eduroam campus by searching for wireless networks and selecting the available eduroam option.

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Services (3)

Wireless Network: Create Sponsored Guest Account

A Sponsored Guest is short-to-medium term visitor to BGSU requiring internet access similar to that of a student. This also includes guests who do not receive text messages.

Wireless Network: Create Wireless Guest Account

Visitors on campus can create a BGSU Wireless Guest Account to access the internet.

Wireless Network: Get Connected

Connect to eduroam, BGSU's secure wireless network available for use by current students, faculty and staff.