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Academic & Research Tools

Learn how to access and utilize various tools such as Canvas, Academic Scanning, Qualtrics, SAS, Mathematica and other academic tools.

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Academic Scanning

Exams and evaluations completed on approved bubble sheets can be dropped of within the Technology Support Center in 110 Hayes Hall for scanning during our normal business hours. Exams are normally processed on a 24 hour turnaround timetable, however on occasion there may be a delay due to circumstances beyond our control. Evaluations are processed second in priority to exams and will be processed in the order they are received.


EvaluationKIT is course evaluation and survey software that integrates with Canvas, BGSU’s learning management system (LMS). It automatically notifies a student when they have a survey to take and allows them to easily access their surveys directly from within Canvas. As well, instructors and administrators can access their own automated reports and analytics directly within Canvas. EvaluationKIT’s turnkey integration functionality includes features so that Canvas can be used as a data source to securely sync all course and user information from Canvas with EvaluationKIT, providing an efficient means for populating this information and for keeping it automatically updated when add/drop enrollment changes are made in the LMS.

The EvaluationKIT feature set includes:
- An easy to use survey builder
- Reusable projects and surveys
- Custom report building
- Custom report distribution
- Discreet reporting and survey collection
- Mobile Access


A hosted system, Accudemia is a tracking/scheduling software for faculty/tutor/student interactions. There is functionality for visit tracking, appointment scheduling and feedback collection. It also has the ability to allow self-service appointment set-up for tutoring, advising, and study tables. A variety of reporting can be accomplished with the data collected within Accudemia. The lead area for this application is the Learning Commons.

Accudemia also provides tracking for tutoring, study tables, etc. Tutors can be set up within an Accudemia center along with their availability. Students then are able to schedule tutoring sessions or study table sessions with these tutors. Other areas use Accudemia to track and schedule sessions for advising purposes.

Statistical Software

BGSU supports various research tools, including Mathematica, MatLab and SAS (Statistical Analysis System).

Atomic Learning

Atomic Learning is a web-based training tool created to help address the needs of higher education institutions. This training resource is offered to all BGSU faculty, staff and students.


Turnitin is the originality checking and plagiarism prevention service used by Bowling Green State University.


Canvas is our primary learning management system.  It provides tools and features leveraged by instructors for teaching at BGSU.  The Center for Faculty Excellence provides instruction and training for faculty who are using this application.  Course site creation and enrollment is managed through an interface with our Peoplesoft Campus Solutions system.

To log in to Canvas follow this link:

For information on Canvas training visit


Qualtrics is online survey software. The application allows a user to build surveys in which to gain insight into areas including institutional assessment, faculty evaluation and student satisfaction. Surveys that are built or edited can use conditional display logic e.g. only show a question based on response of another question, branch and skip logic.  Triggers can be set to produce email messages based off a response to a question.  Surveys can be distributed through anonymous links and email and can produce automated thank-yous and reminders. A variety of reporting is possible from the results. The lead functional area for this application is Institutional Research (IR). 

To obtain access to Qualtrics, follow the link below. Once you have signed into the system, your account will be setup.