BGSU Telephone Services Guidelines


What are BGSU Telephone guidelines?


The policy is as follows:

Fraudulent Use

It is unlawful to obtain or attempt to obtain telecommunication services by use of a false, fictitious or counterfeit number. It is unlawful to charge telephone calls to the telephone number or credit number of another person without valid authority. Avoiding or attempting to avoid payment for telecommunication services by use of any fraudulent scheme, device, means or method is prohibited by law and by University regulations. Criminal prosecution and/or University disciplinary action may be taken.

Harassing Calls

The use of profane, indecent or threatening language to any person over the telephone, annoying or harassing by repeated telephoning, or making certain false statements over the telephone is prohibited by law. A false report concerning destructive devices is unlawful. Criminal prosecution and/or University disciplinary action may be taken.

Telephone Attachments

Departments and students may attach answering machines and fax machines to the BGSU telephone system if they meet the following requirements:

  • All such equipment must be FCC registered.
  • The owner must advise Information Technology Services of the registration number if Information Technology Services requests it.
  • It is the owner's responsibility to determine if the equipment is compatible

Other equipment may be added with, and only with, the prior written approval of the Director of Information Technology Services. If difficulties in such equipment, or in use of such equipment, result in a service call, the student/department will be responsible for reimbursing Information Technology Services for the service call at the current rate. Therefore, when there is trouble with such a device, we suggest that the owners disconnect their equipment before placing a service call and try their line with a standard University phone to see if the problem is with the telephone services or with the equipment.

The University will not be responsible for damage done to private equipment attached to its telephone system. If said equipment is found to be "incompatible" or causes problems, the student/department will be asked to remove the device. If not removed by the student/department, Information Technology Services has the right to take action to remove immediately the problem device.

This policy constitutes prior approval as required by the Student Code if the equipment connected complies with the policy.


All University Units

Effective Date:

May 23, 2000

Responsible Unit:   




Policy Administrator:

Office of the CIO

Last Revised: 

August 6, 2013

For additional assistance, please contact the Technology Support Center at 419-372-0999 or through chat.


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